Amazon Alexa

Alexa is Amazon’s virtual assistant. With it you can request songs to be played, set timers and alarms, control the lights in your home with compatible lamps, and much more.

To reinforce some of these skills, we were demanded to “localize” the service’s marketing campaign. The assets were received from Amazon. We created and adapted all the designs for the national media plan, in formats that varied in static, animated and videos, for different types of vehicles (display ads, social medias and television).

The fact we know the importance of maintaining the purpose of a brand, whatever its expression, allows us to “localize” marketing campaigns from anywhere in the world, fulfilling its initial concept and making present the brand values. In this way, we help our clients to create a unique and global communication.

Creative direction, design and project management: nav580
Animations: Estúdio Esquimó
Voiceover and audio: Gustavo Boralli